Controlling an environment remotely – for example, automating a home – is not new. However, to achieve even basic levels of control users needed to rely on expensive, fixed systems that were inflexible and quickly out-dated. Working with a complex web of protocols, software and hardware meant “one touch” was just a dream.
Until today.

All in one touch

Clue Technologies offers one solution for controlling devices through a IP network that works with:

  • All the leading technology available on the market today.
  • All the protocols that can make remote control possible.
  • All the scenarios a user can possibly want or imagine.

We break down barriers with an open platform and we build connections between devices old

simply, quickly and cost effectively. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits remote control provides whether it’s comfort and convenience, health and safety, cost efficiency or simply contributing to the health of the planet.

Welcome to our world, a world of endless possibilities. Let us show you how…

What’s old is new again Our technology captures the radio frequencies (RF) transmitted by old devices and translates it into the computer language of the local Internet protocol (IP) network.

Don’t outspend, outsmart A low, up-front investment, combined with the ability to control an environment, seamlessly and remotely, means we offer unsurpassed value for money.

As easy as 1-2-3. Really. Set up is an easy three-step process. Manage and monitor settings with an intuitive interface anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or desktop.

Keeping private, private With Clue Technologies, user data is stored in a secure cloud. Communication between devices and the cloud is encrypted to ensure privacy.

Your eggs in many baskets We support all the leading technology in remote control – from the convenience of one solution, untethered by brands and proprietary systems.

Tech and team We source state-of-the-art technology – protocols, software and hardware – to ensure that our solutions meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Open for business We offer an open platform for the community of developers to make sure that our technology continues to keep pace with the demands of our users.

One size doesn’t fit all We offer manufacturers the opportunity to pick and choose from a menu – of protocols, fabrication options and software architecture.

Introducing MYHOMEBOX

We are proud to introduce MYHOMEBOX, the turnkey automation solution for the home.

We are proud to introduce MYHOMEBOX, the turnkey automation solution for the home.

Want the lights to turn out automatically? Done. Wish there was a way to know if the garage door is closed? No problem. Looking for a way to close the curtains during vacations without having to rely on friends and family? Look no further.

MYHOMEBOX incorporates all the benefits of Clue’s technology in an affordable, easy-to-use solution.

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